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Expansion of Manufacturing Facilities

To date, Nazarovo-Metallurgservice Ltd. is a rapidly developing enterprise. In order to improve the efficiency of already existing and newly acquired equipment, a number of measures were recently taken for modernization and optimization of the technological process.

The first stage of the planned equipment installation works has been successfully completed in the new production areas. Four ten-ton induction furnaces were installed. New quenching and shot tempering lines were mounted. To improve the quality and accuracy of abrasive sieving, four vibrating sieves produced by the Vibrowest Italiana S.r.l. company were installed. A crushing device for grit manufacture with a capacity of 30 tons per day was launched.

As a result, the production capacity of our enterprise increased up to 3500 tons of finished products per month.

At present, the second stage of equipment installation has begun, which will allow the plant to double its manufacturing capacity.