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Build. 21, Promishleny uzel № 10,
Micro-district, Nazarovo, Krasnoyarsk Region,
Russia, 662200

Phone/Fax: (39155) 3-04-75, 5-22-21
The largest manufacturer of technical shot in Russia.

Today Nazarovo-Metallurgservice, LLC is a dynamically developing works which manufacturing capacities enable
to produce up to 3 500 tons of steel and iron shot and grit a month.

The pride of the works is highly skilled personnel, capable to solve any task confronting the enterprise. At the beginning of 2013 the number of the staff was160 employees.

The works has its own energy and mechanical services as well as a scrap-processing district.

The area occupied by the works is 35 000 square meters.

Goals and tasks. The main tasks of Nazarovo-Metallurgservice politics are the following:

  • Constant increase of customers’ satisfaction in the qualified product.
  • Systemic studying the demands for production of current and future customers.
  • Maintenance of mutually beneficial and long-term relations with the customers.
  • Constant improvement of quality of management system according to the requirements of ISO 9001-2008.
  • The introduction of advanced technologies in manufacturing of steel and iron shot and grit.
  • Creating decent living conditions for the staff.

At the beginning of 2013 the works purchased The Arvin Test Machine to conduct laboratory tests for improving durability of shot.


The conducted tests made it possible to stabilize chemical composition and mechanical properties as well as to bring cyclic durability of shot to 3500 cycles.

Additionally 12 roll crushers were installed to increase the production of grit.

For the first time in the history of the works product sales exceeded 2200 tons for one calendar month.

2 200 т.

The ball mill and the additional stage of sieves were turned over for operation that allowed to increase the production of grit.


To optimize the sales in the Western part of Russia a subdivision was founded in Voronezh.

The appropriate operations on the certification of shot production were carried out. Moreover the international certificate of quality management system ISO 9001:2008 was obtained.



The system of receiving nitrogen was bought and installed to make a protective atmosphere in the heat treatment furnace of abrasives.

The long-awaited resettlement of the management staff took place in a new administrative building.

Average annual sales of shot and grit reached 1400 tons monthly.

Due to sales growth in the European market the network of small packing was mounted.

1 400 т.


Electric arc melting furnace of 10 tons capacity was assembled and put into operation.

More advanced technology of shot hardening was implemented. This made it possible to decrease the number of cracks in shot. As the result the mechanical properties were refined.

Regional network of scrap metal collection station was set up. With the creation of this network the works ensured stability of scrap supply. It also leveled seasonality of price fluctuation on raw materials creating stock in the period of low purchasing price.



A new building structure with the placement of screening department in it was put into operation.

A subdivision was opened in Nizhny Novgorod because of the growing sales in European part of Russia and favorable logistics for trade with European countries.



The production of shot and grit in accordance with the international standards – SAE J 444/ 827/ 1993 (ISO 11124 – 3) was mastered.

   For the first time in the enterprise’s history it was begun the sale of steel shot and grit in the European market.

   The manufacturing achieved the next level. It was 900 tons of shot and grit per month at the average that year.

900 т.


Increasing demands of the works led to the next improvement. A new distribution substation for the induction furnaces was purchased and mounted on the basis of modern apparatus and equipment.

That year the employees of the works produced successfully 700 tons of shot and grit per month at the average.

700 т.


The third induction furnace was mounted and started-up.

For the first time average annual production of shot and grit exceeded 300 tons per month.

300 т.

In 2005 thermal chilling and temper furnaces were mounted. Moreover the works mastered the manufacture of improved shot and grit that made it possible to double mechanical properties and raise cycle durability of steel and cast-iron abrasives.


This type of shot and grit passed extensive tests at a number of the enterprises. The conducted tests showed that improved steel shot and grit did not yield to foreign analogs at relatively low cost.


Being focused on ever more increasing industrial demand for shot, the cast steel shot manufacture was developed after appropriate pre-production.



Nazarovo-metallurgservice, LLC was found on the basis of foundries of Krasnoyarsk Combine Plant in 2003. It had a strong base of modern equipment and the staff of workers who had worked many years in foundry.


In the very beginning the works manufactured 40 tons of cast-iron shot and grit per month.

40 т.