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Exhibiting at the GIFA 2019 International Trade Fair

From June 25 to June 29, the International Foundry Trade Fair GIFA 2019 was held in Dusseldorf, Germany. Among 2400 leading manufacturing companies from around the world, Nazarovo-Metallurgservice Ltd took part in this event as exhibitor with demonstration of its products.

Several dozen meetings were held with representatives of companies from more than 30 countries, including both potential customers as well as clients who are already actively cooperate with us. During negotiations, agreements were reached on supply of steel abrasives.

Due to the good quality and competitive price of our products, the brand of Nazarovo-Metallurgservice Ltd is already recognizable and in high demand among consumers and sellers of steel abrasives both in Europe and around the world. Despite serious competition with recognized industrial world leaders, we plan to further expand of our sales and entering new markets in Europe, Asia and Africa.